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SYMPTOMS OF AN EXISTENTIAL CRISIS. Kunsttage tour with Kea Boccomino

The tour provides an intersectional exploration of how diverse experiences from around the world have contributed to the manifestation of collective symptoms associated with an existential crisis. This tour delves into various themes that prompt us to question, reflect upon, and engage with the current state of our world. In the search for meaning and purpose amidst the multitude of voices, structures, and influences prevalent in modern-day living, what should we hold onto, resist, or release?

Perhaps life should emulate art, allowing us to rediscover joy in its simple complexity. Or, curiosity as in the exhibition titled "The Future has an Orange Background" in #notfor$ale encourages.

This sense of adventurous exploration creates space for new and underrepresented voices from Space Durchgang. "Overflows" is a cultural encounter through the creative lens of contemporary Latin American artists. The group exhibition, redirects our gaze towards explorations of community, connection, memory, and identity.

"In Ekstase," presented by Kunsthalle Basel, is juxtaposed within this tour to visually confront the impacts of social conditioning on both our individual and collective sense of freedom.

The question of human agency in determining our own fate is reflected in how we interpret the world around us. As the final stop on our tour, the exhibition "Siren Songs/Sinister Siren" at Kunstforum Baloise Park provides insights into how language, symbolism, and written texts serve as significant indicators of our perception and experience of the world.


The guided tour takes approximately 3 hours on foot and includes a ferry ride. Participation is free, and registration is mandatory.

The tour starts at Meetingpoint kHaus, Unterer Rheinweg.

Registration for Friday // Registration for Saturday SOLD OUT // Registration for Sunday


Kea Boccomino is a South African interculturalist, curator and director of the Basel-based platform Afrinova. Her creative and curational practice aims to connect worlds through a variety of creative experiences and dialogue, with a special focus on contemporary African art. Kea holds a Masters in Intercultural Communication (2019) Bachelor's degree in Journalism (2015).

Kea’s most recent work includes: "WeAreStillHere" (2023) group exhibition by Afrinova; "Black Art(ist) Residency – for Look Closer: African Art in the Himmelheber Collection", Museum Rietberg (2023); "Take Back Your Keys", exhibition curation for Visarte Region Basel (Regionale23).

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Portrait © Afrinova


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